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The Butch Project is always looking for new submissions. The stories of butch-identified women/womyn/transmen/genderqueers of all experiences, generations, and identities are ever-growing. So, if you have stories, pictures, letters, opinions, comments, etc., please e-mail the creator of this project.

All questions, comments, stories, pictures, etc. can be sent to thebutchproject@gmail.com

Please also e-mail if interested in business cards, postcards, etc.

Kai Paiva (creator) can be contacted at paivakai@gmail.com


7 responses

13 04 2010
danny bhotia

im tibetan butch age 40 year old….beng very butch wnna share some life experiyens my english is nt good at all even need felt like to write somethin

13 04 2010
Kay Paiva

I’d love to hear your stories. I can find someone to translate. I will also e-mail you =)

28 08 2010
Susan Kuhner

Hi, I saw your invitation to The Butch Project in Lesbian Connections and have written my herstory with my butch and other identities. How do I give my stoy to you for the project? I assume to email it but I’ll wait to hear back from you. Thanks for this opportunity to share and remember.

17 12 2010
Kai Paiva

Hi there! Sorry for the late response. E-mail me at paivakai@gmail.com or thebutchproject@gmail.com

22 12 2010

awesome project! let me know if you are still looking for submissions. I have a blog full!

22 12 2010

this is an awesome project! let me know if you are still looking for submissions. I have a blog full!

20 07 2011
Kai Paiva

We are still looking for submissions, if you are still interested! We are also now doing interviews, if that is something you’d like to participate in. 🙂

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