About the Project

The Butch Project was created in March 2010 in a response to the numerous personal ads that would state: “no butches,” “butch women need not contact,” “ONLY FEMMES,” “not butches, androgynous okay.” Within my community, I found butch culture depleting, resentment building, and the community ripping at the seams. In a complete panic, I sought my surroundings for people who identified as “butch.” And, with a lot of disappointment and little surprise, noticed – for the first time – I was alone in my butchness.

Though each subset of the queer community faces their own issues and complications, I wanted to focus on this recent phenomenon of butch-phobia and the disappearance of strong butch culture and community. We need to connect. We need to share stories. We need to create an anthology, develop a community, and present a source of inspiration for those queer women/womyn/transmen/genderqueers/bois/etc. in a new generation who are facing discouragement. We need to expand and integrate our stories so that one day this anthology, this project, will serve to give a better understanding of the “butch” community. The project asks for your stories and your voices to be heard to serve the butch community justice. The only way to truly represent “butch” is not in one opinion, one format. The project is open to interviewing and collecting writing pieces, pictures, etc. from everyone identifying as butch or butch appreciator.


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13 04 2010

I am a femme who would love a subscription to this site.Thank you,Jenni Paul,woodmere,NY

13 04 2010
Kay Paiva

Please, subscribe. I am a femme appreciator, for sure. And love receiving support from them. If you want to share a story about a butch you know or what you love about them, you can feel free to do that as well. You can also contact me via e-mail if you’d like, kaypaiva@gmail.com

15 04 2010

Cool. I’ve seen a lot of site dedicated to femmes but nothing about butches. about damn time lol. Definitely gonna subscribe.

15 04 2010
Kay Paiva

Thanks =) Hopefully once more word gets out, people will utilize it.

17 04 2010

“I sought my surroundings for people who identified as “butch.” And, with a lot of disappointment and little surprise, noticed – for the first time – I was alone in my butchness.”
I need to comment on your feeling of aloneness as a butch. You are not alone. Butches have been around for along time. I am Butch and Butch-phobia has been there too! Stonewall was the drag queens and the butches that got beat up, jailed. I relate to you the new “butch-phobia” for now I get ask “so when are you transitioning?” Well I am not transitioning I have arrived at myself a women identified butch from way back

31 10 2010

Hello Murphy regarding with your statement hmmmm I would say the american butch are much better than in my own race or culture especially if we Asian lgtb . Our ethnicity are not common or recognized at least with your culture or color you guys are still exist in american society, me being an Asian butch , Im proud to say I am very open with my sexuality and I’m proud to say I am a proud cross dresser to wear men’s clothes and my haircut but still with my color I still need to be VERY careful because we are minority in american society unless I will advocate my fello Asian LGTB to get out and say I am a PROUD ASIAN GAY…

17 12 2010
Kai Paiva

I completely understand how things differ cross-culturally. I’m from a hispanic, socio-economic area. I also come from a mixed-ethnicities family where the predominant religion is Catholic. Between race, ethnicity, culture, class, religion, ability, etc. etc., there are so many factors in each person’s identity. Advocating for your fellow Asian LGBT’s is great!

25 06 2010

Yay butch 🙂 and we are certainly appreciated by some…

18 08 2010
Fran D

It’s great to see someone willing to tell our stories, ‘butch stories’. I am more than willing to contribute!

17 12 2010
Kai Paiva

If you’d like to share your story, e-mail me at paivakai@gmail.com — my other e-mail has become overwhelmed with spam! I will change the info on here soon 🙂

2 04 2011
Catherine Kemelmacher

I think this is a really wonderful and important blog. Hopefully, “Send me site updates” means I am subscribed. All the best to you and the community of butches worldwide.

25 05 2011
Kim Diaz

How does one subscribe to the Butch project?

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