Mini-View with Jaye, “I was usually too busy looking at the femmes”

24 07 2011

Hi all!

Here’s a mini-interview I did with Jaye, who leads a Paranormal Investigation group made up of entirely LGBTIIQ individuals (awesome, right?!). There are a few questions asked here, but there is more to learn from Jaye later, when he speaks to his experience with arthritis and PRIDE paranormal in later entries.

What does butch mean to you?
Well, at one point in my life, I did identify as a Butch. Even before that, I was trying to be a bit andro, cuz in the 80’s it wasn’t “cool” to be anything else. My identity evolved as I grew older, and didnt care much about what others thought.  All my life I felt like I was in the wrong body, but there was nothing I could do or say at such a young age. The first Transsexual person I found out about was Renee Richards, which totally blew my mind. Of course, I wondered if this could be done with me, but there were no resources for FTM in the 70’s and I was still a teenager going thru teenage growing pains as well. Not fun…lol.  Butch to me means a person on the more “rugged” side of life. Not necessarily male identified, but definitely more masculine traits.

What is a struggle you face as a butch identified person? In the hetero community? In the LGBTQ community?
My personal struggle at the time with the hetero community was always the “So you’re the man in the relationship?” question. I always wanted to say “I wish” but I didnt dare! So I would have to explain that we were both women and there was no man.
In the LGBTQ Community, in the 70’s it was not “right” to identify as butch or femme cuz it seemed as if you were taking on the hetero role. In the 80’s it became a bit more acceptable once our place in history was more defined and learning of those before us leading the way as butch/femme couples. Then with the invention of the internet, well, that blew everything WIDE open! LOL  But there is still a rift between male and female id’d Butches, which I totally don’t understand.

If there were one picture to describe your identity, what picture would it be? Send it to us! (I know – this is a tough one!)
You’re right, this is a tough one, but as soon as I saw this question, the pic that popped into my mind was at my 31st high school reunion. That’s when I came out to all my old friends as a “he”. The support I received was overwhelming! I will attach it. Oh, and my friend took creative license with it…lol

Who is your ideal role model butch?
Cant say I have a butch role model since there are so many facets to a Butch. Plus I’m not much into role models. I was usually too busy looking at the Femmes….lol

Why do you identify as butch? Why not boi or boy?

Well, I’ve been thru all those identities during my lifetime, so I’ll have to bow outta this one! LOL




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